You are about to discover a unique and privileged place in South America, a city recognized by its history, culture, and university tradition.It is also characterized by the beauty of its landscapes of hills, rivers, and lakes, the elegance of its malls, its artistic vanguard, and its role as an unquestionable protagonist in the formation and development of Argentina. All these features make Córdoba one of the best options to take courses in any field of study, do businesses, or enjoy some vacations in a place where old traditions intermingle with the energy and modernity of an open, cult, and tolerant society.
Since Córdoba is one of the safest cities in Argentina, you can look around it at any time.
The university life concentrates more than 150,000 students who come not only from the country, but also from South America, Europe, and Australia.Its academic offer, and its varied thematic, sporting, artistic, and entertaining activities have turned  Córdoba in the most important student city in Argentina.
Because of its characteristics, Córdoba has an outstanding nightlife with many pubs and discos.  It has also modern buildings, and malls, that together with its landscapes, mountain adventures, its rich vegetation and the local fauna make Córdoba the perfect place to combine the urban with the natural life.
With almost a million and a half inhabitants, Córdoba is an attractive destiny for investors from all over the world as well as for the development of new businesses, constituting an important center of economic and industrial growth of national relevance due to its strategic location.  This city has also the second biggest international airport in the country, with flights to America and the rest of the world.
Located in the center of Argentina, Córdoba is chosen as the ideal base to know the rest of the country.To sum up, this is a place you will enjoy because of its people, its cultural level, and its metropolitan life surrounded by exuberant beauty and nature.
The quality of Córdoba’s human resources in the teaching field, the tradition and prestige of its academic institutes, the international fame of its sportsmen, the outstanding position it has reached in different fields of knowledge, the arts, the technology, and the culture in general turn Córdoba into a destiny to be taken into consideration.  Here you will surely find what you are looking for as if it were a meeting point of trends, visions of the world and vanguards, everything in a frame of tolerance, respect, and hospitality.