Single room in a shared apartment with Argentine(s)  (no meals)

U$S 110

Student Residence Double Room (no meals)

U$S 70

Student Residence (3 students) (no meals)

U$S 55



Pick up  - one way (arrival/depature)  

U$S 25

spanish in argentinaSPANISH IN ARGENTINA offers different accommodation options: a family’s home chosen by our selection department –that makes sure you have privacy, support, and that you interact with the host family-; apartments rented by our foundation and shared with other students; hotels, and student lodgings.  In this way you will get more fluency in the Spanish language in a shorter time.  Staying with a local family or local students will help you to live the language and assimilate not only the content of the classes but also the different cultural aspects, and to participate actively in the local life.  You will not be a tourist but a member of the huge university and student community.  Any option you choose will constitute a unique experience that will  nurture life-long bonds and friendships.  

Host Families
Host families are carefully selected by SPANISH IN ARGENTINA. They have to meet very strict requirements, to which you can add your own according to your own costumes (shared or single room, lunch and dinner with the family, etc.).  In a host family you will be able to live the Argentine life and reality from within, making the most of your stay with us

Shared Apartments
If you choose this option you will stay with young people sharing a university life-style.  This can be a great experience for you; it is perfect if you want to live the Argentine university life and get to know the students’ habits, make new friends, experience the Argentine nightlife, and live in a more relaxed and free atmosphere. Besides, 65 percent of the students in Córdoba live in apartments rented by their parents, and share their expenses with roommates, relatives, etc. turning the flats into true classrooms and meeting, information, and debate centers.  

Student Lodgings

Living in student lodgings is another option that allows you to share your stay with local and foreign students. 
You will have the chance to exchange ideas and information about the lifestyle and habits of other countries and cultures.  Your experience will benefit since you will get to know not only the local culture but also the other countries and Argentine provinces where the other students come from.  This choice will increase your independence and social activity since you will meet many people and share parties and events.

If you prefer to have more privacy and comfort, SPANISH IN ARGENTINA  can make reservations in hotels according to your budget and convenience.


CONTACT FOR INFORMATION:  info@spanishinargentina.org